30 Entry-Level High Paying Jobs Without Experience & Degree in the UK

Looking to jump-start your career in the UK but don’t have a degree or experience yet? Don’t worry, there are plenty of exciting and well-paying opportunities waiting for you! This article explores 30 entry-level roles across various industries that offer good salaries without requiring formal education or extensive work history.

What to Consider When Choosing an Entry-Level Job

While a degree can open doors, it’s not always essential for landing a great job. Here are some key factors to consider when searching for entry-level positions:

  • Your Skills and Interests: What are you good at? What are you passionate about? Choose a field that aligns with your strengths and interests for a more fulfilling career path.
  • Training and Development: Many companies offer on-the-job training programs to equip new hires with the necessary skills. Look for roles that invest in your professional growth.
  • Salary and Benefits: Research average salaries for your target position and location. Consider factors like health insurance, pension plans, and paid time off when evaluating job offers.

30 High-Paying Entry-Level Jobs in the UK (Without a Degree or Experience)

The Trades:

  1. Electrician: Install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring and equipment. On-the-job training is common, with apprenticeships available. Average salary: £25,000-£35,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-electrician-jobs.html)
  2. Plumber: Install, maintain, and repair plumbing systems and fixtures. Apprenticeships are a great way to gain experience. Average salary: £22,000-£32,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-plumber-jobs.html)
  3. Welder: Join metal pieces using heat. Training programs and certifications are often needed. Average salary: £20,000-£30,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/m/jobs?q=Welder)
  4. Heating Engineer: Install, maintain, and repair heating systems in homes and buildings. Apprenticeships are available. Average salary: £23,000-£33,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/career/heating-engineer/salaries/England)
  5. Carpenter: Build and repair wooden structures and furniture. Apprenticeships or vocational training schools provide valuable skills. Average salary: £21,000-£31,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-carpenter-jobs.html)

Customer Service and Sales:

  1. Customer Service Representative: Provide support and answer inquiries from customers via phone, email, or chat. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills are key. Average salary: £20,000-£28,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/career/customer-service-representative/salaries)
  2. Sales Account Executive: Develop relationships with clients and sell products or services. Strong communication, persuasion, and target-driven personalities excel here. Average salary: £23,000-£40,000+ (base salary + commission) (https://uk.indeed.com/career/account-executive/salaries)
  3. Account Manager: Manage existing customer accounts, ensuring satisfaction and promoting further sales. Strong relationship-building and communication skills are crucial. Average salary: £25,000-£35,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/career/account-manager/salaries)

Creative and Technical Fields:

  1. Web Developer: Build and maintain websites and web applications. Coding skills are essential. Many companies offer on-the-job training or bootcamps. Average salary: £22,000-£35,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/career/web-developer/salaries)
  2. Graphic Designer: Create visual content for marketing materials, websites, and more. Design software skills and a creative eye are important. Some roles may require a portfolio. Average salary: £21,000-£27,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-graphic-designer-jobs.html)
  3. Video Editor: Edit and create video content for marketing, social media, or film. Video editing software skills and an eye for detail are essential. Average salary: £20,000-£30,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-video-editor-jobs.html)
  4. Content Writer: Create engaging and informative written content for websites, blogs, or marketing materials. Strong writing skills and research abilities are necessary. Average salary: £18,000-£23,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-content-writer-jobs.html)
  1. Social Media Manager: Develop and manage a company’s social media presence. Strong communication, analytical, and marketing skills are key. Average salary: £22,000-£32,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/career/social-media-manager/salaries [invalid URL removed])
  2. App Developer: Develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Coding skills and a strong understanding of mobile platforms are required. Average salary: £25,000-£40,000+ ([invalid URL removed])

Transportation and Logistics:

  1. Train Driver: Operate trains to transport passengers or goods. Extensive training and licensing are required. Average salary: £40,000-£70,000 (https://www.nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/job-profiles/train-driver)
  2. HGV Driver: Drive heavy goods vehicles to transport goods over long distances. Training and a commercial driving license are required. Average salary: £28,000-£40,000 ([invalid URL removed])
  3. Air Traffic Controller: Manage air traffic to ensure safety and efficiency in airports. Extensive training and qualifications are required. Average salary: £30,000-£70,000+ ([invalid URL removed])

Business and Administration:

  1. Paralegal: Assist lawyers with legal research, document preparation, and client communication. Paralegal qualifications are beneficial but not always mandatory. Average salary: £20,000-£30,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-paralegal-jobs.html)
  2. Human Resources Assistant: Provide administrative support to HR departments with tasks like recruitment, onboarding, and payroll. Strong organizational and communication skills are key. Average salary: £18,000-£25,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-human-resources-assistant-jobs.html)
  3. Marketing Assistant: Support marketing teams with tasks like social media management, email marketing, and event planning. Strong communication and organizational skills are beneficial. Average salary: £19,000-£26,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-marketing-assistant-jobs.html)

Healthcare and Social Care:

  1. Healthcare Assistant: Provide basic care to patients in hospitals, care homes, or clinics. Training is often provided on the job. Average salary: £18,000-£23,000 ([invalid URL removed])
  2. Social Care Worker: Support vulnerable adults or children with daily living tasks and emotional well-being. Training is often provided on the job. Average salary: £20,000-£25,000 ([invalid URL removed])
  3. Occupational Therapist: Help people regain independence after illness or injury. A university degree is required, but some employers may offer assistant roles with on-the-job training. Average salary: £28,000-£40,000 (https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/job-profiles/occupational-therapist)
  1. Nursing Assistant: Assist qualified nurses with patient care tasks. Training is often provided on the job. Average salary: £18,000-£22,000 ([invalid URL removed])

Public Services:

  1. Police Constable: Maintain law and order in communities. Extensive training and eligibility requirements apply. Average salary: £26,000-£40,000+ (base salary + allowances) (https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/explore-careers)
  2. Firefighter: Respond to fires and other emergencies. Extensive training and physical fitness requirements apply. Average salary: £24,000-£35,000 (https://www.fbu.org.uk/pay-rates/pay-settlement-2023)
  3. Paramedic: Provide emergency medical care to patients. Training and qualifications are required. Average salary: £28,000-£40,000 (https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/job-profiles/paramedic)

Other Industries:

  1. Data Analyst: Analyze and interpret data to identify trends and insights. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are required. Some roles may require specific software knowledge. Average salary: £25,000-£35,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-data-analyst-jobs.html)
  2. Site Supervisor: Oversee construction or maintenance projects, ensuring safety and adherence to plans. Construction experience or relevant qualifications may be beneficial. Average salary: £23,000-£33,000 (https://uk.indeed.com/q-site-supervisor-jobs.html)
  3. Landscaping Gardener: Design, create, and maintain gardens and outdoor spaces. Experience or qualifications in horticulture may be preferred. Average salary: £20,000-£28,000 ([invalid URL removed])


  • Salaries listed are averages and can vary depending on location, experience, and qualifications.
  • This is not an exhaustive list, and many other entry-level opportunities exist.
  • Research specific roles and companies to understand their requirements and expectations.

Getting Started:

  • Utilize job boards like Indeed, Reed, and Totaljobs to search for relevant vacancies.
  • Consider contacting recruitment agencies specializing in your field of interest.
  • Prepare a strong CV highlighting your skills and transferable experiences.
  • Practice your interview skills and research common interview questions.

With dedication and perseverance, you can launch a successful career in the UK, even without a degree or extensive experience.

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